Make Every Workout Your Best Workout


Make Every Workout Your Best Workout

When it comes to exercise, the more you do it, the better you become. You feel stronger, leaner and flexible, and your stamina increases every time you hit the mat, the treadmill or the weights. When you find a rhythm that works with a busy schedule and continues to challenge your body, you have already won. Give yourself credit for your effort and commitment to your health.

Even the most avid gym goers could use a few tips to better prepare their bodies, minds and gym bags to maximize their time and effort. Make sure you know how to prep to make every workout your best workout.

Let’s face it – working out can be monotonous. Logging hours on the elliptical or the weight room can be challenging if we’re not sufficiently motivated. Keep your playlist packed with heart-pumping, heavy beats that get you up and moving. Scour your memory for throwback tunes that got you on the dance floor at the club, hits that you can’t help turning up when they come on the radio and guilty pleasure tunes that are for your ears only. Use apps to curate prepared playlists, or create your own. Use the explore options to find new beats that will surprise you; anything to get you excited and moving.

Don’t underestimate good quality workout clothes. The last thing you want is a saggy waistband or a loose fitting sports bra. As far as you’re comfortable, go with tight clothes that really hug your curves. Drawstrings are your friend on loose shorts or capris and four-way stretch that still breathes when you’re drench in sweat will become a staple. And don’t forget socks. Thin, low-rise socks will keep your soles happy.

Switch out your sneakers every 6 months to a year, depending on how much you workout. Your shoes eventually start to lose their shape and structure as they wear and tear. To ensure you still have the right support, get a new pair when your old ones start to soften up.

Watch what you eat and fuel up. A pre-workout snack is a must if you’re an early-riser. Eat carbohydrates with protein 30 minutes before you hit your workout to keep you energy levels high and prevent mid-workout crashes. Cramping is caused by too much food, eating too close to your workout or drinking too much water. Remember to stay hydrated by sipping water throughout your workout, but don’t guzzle. You’ll feel it within minutes.

Eliminate distractions to ensure you’re focused and committed to your workout. Put your phone on airplane mode or leave it in your locker. Try not to check social media or text while you’re in the thick of it. Your messages will be there when you’re finished and you won’t regret throwing yourself into your “me time” completely and with vigor.

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