Ask: Which is better for weight loss? Cardio or weights?


Question : Which is better for weight loss? Cardio or weights?

This is a highly debated question in the fitness industry. Studies have shown that the clear winner is weights, or strength training. Although you will burn a few less calories when lifting weights than when you’re doing cardio, you will continue to burn calories (and fat) long after you put the weights down.

Your metabolism stays elevated by 10 per cent for days after you lift weights, according to Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., an exercise-science professor at Quincy College in Massachusetts.

You can’t reach your fitness goals on strength training alone. Ever seen a guy who lifts try a spin class? He’s heaving after the first Bieber track because he hasn’t challenged his cardiovascular health for months. Ensuring your heart and lungs stay challenges and in shape is just as important as muscle definitions.

A blend of the two is recommended. According to Westcott, it doesn’t matter whether you start with cardio, or start with weights. Cardio provides an excellent warm-up or cool-down, so the choice is yours.

If you have time to do one or the other, choose strength training. Try inserting cardio hits in between your strength training moves to keep your heart rate up. Think jump squats or skip rope for sixty seconds. You don’t have to sit on the bike for thirty minutes straight to get your cardio in. Getting creative with your routine will ensure you find time for both.


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