Ask: Is working out seven days a week going to help me lose weight faster?


Question : Is working out seven days a week going to help me lose weight faster?

Working out regularly is going to help you tone up and lose weight, no question. But scheduling rest days is crucial. Your body needs time to recover, especially after tough, challenging workouts. If you work out every single day, you risk injury and fatigue. Your muscles actually need the break so they can recover and prepare.

If you’re new to working out or just reinvigorating your active lifestyle, it is recommended to take breaks every other day. If you’re more of a fitness enthusiast, one rest day per week is enough to achieve the best results.

What constitutes a “rest day”? If you have been killing it at the gym all week and your muscles are sore, taking the day off completely from activity isn’t a bad idea. If you want to get moving in some capacity, taking a yin yoga class to stretch and lengthen your muscles will be a game-changer. A brisk walk will also ensure you keep your muscles moving without straining them further. Swimming is also a great way to get a light workout in without high-impact.

It’s important to vary your workouts if you are training a few times per week. The body can easily get comfortable doing the same exercise over and over so it’s a good idea to ‘shock’ your system by challenging your muscles. Studies show that your muscles can adapt to a repeated workout within six to eight weeks, which is why trainers switch up your routine often when you’re trying to lose weight. Striking a balance between aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching will deliver the best results.


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