All the Incredible Uses for Coconut Oil


What if you could stroll into your bathroom right now, confidently remove (at least) five products, and dramatically simplify your routine? Want to improve the health and texture of your skin and hair? Tired of spending your money on commercial products? It’s time you were introduced to all the uses of coconut oil.

Eye Makeup Remover

Ditch the serums and irritating wipes and use coconut oil to remove your stubborn eye makeup. Wet a cotton ball and add a dab of coconut oil and watch your waterproof mascara glide off your lids. The oil will also moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes, so it’s safe to leave on overnight to double up as an eye cream.

Lip Balm

Do you get dry, cracked lips in the winter months? Coconut oil can be applied directly to your lips to soothe and hydrate. Apply multiple times per day to ensure you stay hydrated. Store-bought lips balms can contain harsh chemicals that we ingest when we apply it to our lips. Coconut oil is a completely natural alternative that will ensure you aren’t taking it more than you bargained for in search of relief.

Improves Cellulite

You read that right. You may have been sleeping on an all-natural way to improve dreaded cellulite. Use a shower brush with soft bristles and drizzle oil on it in the shower. Keep the water hot and soak the skin for a few minutes before you gently scrub your thighs and butt with the oil. Scrub in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow to the area. Rinse with hot water. This is not an overnight solution by any means, but with patience and care you can see visible results.

Relieves Sunburns

Sunburn is not only painful and an eyesore, it is also extremely drying for the skin. Coconut oil can provide intense moisture to your skin as it heals, speeding up your recovery and offering some relief. Rub it on your burn gently a few times per day. Make sure you add sunscreen on top of the oil if you are going out in the sun again. Coconut oil without proper protection will only amplify the burn.


Coconut oil can b e used as a key ingredient in homemade deodorant. You will need ¼ cup of the following products: coconut oil, making soda, shea butter and arrowroot. Blend together and keep in the fridge overnight. Many store-bought deodorants contain aluminum and other cancer causing agents. An all-natural coconut oil base can provide odor relief without the added danger.

Cuticle Care

How is it that days after we get a manicure or pedicure, our cuticles look dry and flaky? Cuticles need moisture often in order to keep them soft and less visible. Try rubbing a small amount of coconut oil on each cuticle before bed every night and wake up to manicured hands once more. Remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Remove Dark Spots

Dark spots are caused by aging, increased exposure to the sun and hormone imbalances. Dark spots can also appear if we have picked at a pimple and bruised or broken the skin. There are many creams and over the counter prescriptions to help reduce the visibility of dark spots, but coconut oil offers a more natural and less expensive option for those who prefer it. Mix coconut oil with castor oil and Vitamin D and apply it to your dark spots daily. It will take time to see results, but consistent application will help.


By now you can confidently remove at least a few products from your bathroom shelves and throw them in the bin. But did you know that coconut oil could replace your expensive exfoliator if you combine it with a few natural ingredients? Before you know it, you’ll be creating your own skin care line with products in the grocery aisle. Combine 2 tablespoons of sugar with three tablespoons of coconut oil. Sugar is a natural humectant and topical exfoliate that can help to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the face and body. The oil will complement by moisturizing your skin and helping the mixture to glide across your skin. Wash off with warm water and dab your face dry. Apply once a week for optimal results.

Moisturize Your Feet

If you’re like more people, your feet just don’t get enough love. They literally take you everywhere you need to go and you put them through a lot by forcing them into different shoes for different occasions, which can often lead to soreness and dry, chapped skin. Run your fingers along your heels and the outer edges of your toes. Does your skin feel dry? Rub coconut oil onto the dry patches and let it sit for an hour minimum (overnight if you can). If you need to walk around the house or keep moving after your apply it, put on a pair of all cotton socks that won’t absorb too much of the oil and will protect your feet.


Coconut oil can act as a conditioner for your hair. Simply wash your hair with your normal shampoo and towel dry your locks. Apply a quarter size amount of oil to your ends, or massage it into your scalp and pull it through to your ends for the ultimate moisturizer. You can rinse it out after fifteen minutes, or apply as a styling aid after your regular wash and condition. Leaving it on your ends during the day will maximize the benefits. Try rubbing it on your ends and throwing your hair up into a bun for the day. You’ll feel put together and you’ll have your secret weapon wrapped up.

Treat Cold Sores

Prone to cold sores? Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can speed up the healing of your dreaded sores. Dab coconut oil on your sore a few times per day and double it up as a lip balm to stay moisturized.

Aid Digestion

Swap out your canola oil or vegetable oil with coconut oil when you’re cooking and you will notice a number of changes. Coconut oil is high in saturated fat, which is good for the body. It also contains microbial properties that del with various fungi, bacteria, and parasites that cause indigestion. Coconut oil can withstand high heat, so it’s great for stir-fry and grilling needs.

Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup buildup on our beloved brushes is inevitable with daily use. Our liquid concealers and foundations leave residue over time and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure to wash your brushes once a week with a mild cleanser. Coconut oil offers a great cleaner when mixed with dish soap. Lather up your brushes with the mixture and rinse thoroughly. Your brushes will be spotless and ready for use when dry.


Parabens are found in most store-bought moisturizers and can be harmful for your skin. Ditch your brand name products and go straight for coconut oil to moisturize and soothe your skin instantly. The oil has practically no smell so it won’t interfere with your perfume or other scented goods. Rub it into your skin as a light layer after the shower and let it absorb for ten to thirty minutes before putting on your clothes. Your skin will feel baby soft within minutes and you will forget all about your vanilla scented creams. Coconut oil is especially effective in dry areas such as elbow and knees. Massage it into your skin and watch the dry patches disappear.

Reduce Wrinkles

Throw out your expensive eye creams and surrender to the magic that is coconut oil. Apply the oil to your fine lines and wrinkles at night before bed and watch the oil sink deep into your skin’s layers to moisturize and reduce signs of aging. It’s just that simple. The powerful properties of coconut oil offer a completely natural and effective way to improve those stubborn laugh lines.

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